Friday, 14 December 2018

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Stan Lee: My Favourite Writer

I love Spiderman and all the other superheroes Stan Lee made. Though I am sad that he is not there anymore but am happy that he made so many superheroes. Thank you Stan Lee. You are the best!

Sunday, 21 October 2018

When My DC Painted My T-shirts

My DC (Daddy Cool) is an artist who paints and does shows in galleries so I was super happy when he made me some really cool T-shirts

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Friday, 12 October 2018

Ceramics, Jewelry & Sculptures (Jaipur)

In this trip I visit the first Indian Ceramics Triennale, the first Jewellery Museum and the first sculpture park in a fort

Saturday, 18 August 2018

My First Fashion Show

My mumma has taken me to other fashion shows in the past but we were stopped at the door because they don't allow children. Fortunately , this one did. And I had fun at my FIRST fashion show which was a Wedding Special!

Saturday, 11 August 2018

My Hand In The 'Self Taught' Show

This August my Moma & DC had a great show called 'Self Taught' which means 'learning without a teacher'. Lots of people who I keep seeing on TV came, including Shashi Tharoor who also spoke about me. That's why I decided to make this video to let you all know how I helped in making it a super-duper show

Am Batman At Comicon Delhi 2018

At Comicon Delhi 2018 I decided to go as Batman and fight all the Avengers there